Walls Talk.

How do your walls convey the mood you want in your home? Libby is a master
She absorbs your energy and creates a piece that reflects the tone of your home.
Libby creates a custom palette
working with the vibe she absorbs from speaking to you and seeing your home.
Feel the energy.
Feel the movement.
Feel the story each painting tells.
It is the story your walls will tell
for years to come.
“The more you look at my paintings, the more you’ll see.”
“Every painting has a lot of thought and energy behind it. No two paintings are the same.”
Libby’s art hangs on the walls of visionaries. 
Collectors with fine taste. 
Connoisseurs of world culture.


  • “ I love that Libby’s abstract pieces have so much detail giving it that much more depth.”
    Chana Malka

  • “If you want a stunning piece of art, this is the way to go. 
    I Facetimed Libby to show her my wall, and she showed me what I needed. 
    It was like getting a decorator.”
    Naomi Wenklein. 

  • " We are delighted with our painting by Libby Klein. While we are fortunate to own works by several artists, her creation distinguishes itself among them."
    Victor & Yona Shine
    Brooklyn, NY

Libby, create a statement piece for me
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